June 24, 2024

Edmonton Oilers sign head coach Jay Woodcroft to 3-year contract extension  | CBC NewsThe Edmonton Oilers are about to set a new record. With their 17th straight victory on February 6, the Oilers, who defeated the Nashville Predators 4-1 on Saturday, can tie the NHL record for the longest winning run. However, no matter how many games they win, this streak cannot be the season’s high point.

It was set by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1992–1993. The Oilers still need to accomplish something in order for their streak to be respected, even if they do end up matching the Penguins’ record.

The Penguins, headed by Mario Lemieux, had just won back-to-back Stanley Cups, an achievement not shared by the Oilers since well before Connor McDavid was even born. Born in 1997, McDavid was seven years removed from Edmonton’s last championship. Pittsburgh broke the record for the longest winning streak, although they were unable to complete a three-peat that season as they were upsetly eliminated by the New York Islanders in seven games. But by then, the majority of the roster had already won the Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The Oilers are firmly positioned in the “win or bust” scenario for the duration of McDavid’s stay in Edmonton, despite having completely turned around their season following a difficult 3-9-1 start that resulted in the firing of head coach Jay Woodcroft. Neither the recent memory nor the previous Oilers teams will be able to erase the real objective or the past disappointments, even with a winning streak record and another MVP.

The Oilers cannot win the Stanley Cup in January or February; instead, they will be evaluated throughout the postseason. The goal is to defeat the Vegas Golden Knights, who are paradoxically the defending Stanley Cup champions, and become the first team in NHL history before the spring.

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