June 24, 2024

Between the conclusion of their current campaign and the start of the next league year, the Cincinnati Bengals are currently in a brief hibernation period.

Regretfully, compared to the previous two seasons, this offseason is longer, but that’s life.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, franchise quarterback Joe Burrow has purchased a new house on Cincinnati’s east side, while Dan Pitcher is in Paycor Stadium refining his new offensive game plan.

Randy Tucker stated, “Burrow, who is known for carefully manipulating defences with pinpoint passes, also deftly manoeuvred the real estate market to secure a deal on the over 7,000 square foot home on three acres of land overlooking the Ohio River.”

There was a rumour that wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who was a member of the LSU team and won a National Championship alongside quarterback Jake Burrow, had once asked the quarterback’s neighbours if he could buy their property and move in next door. Could he repeat it? Now that he has the ability to negotiate a contract extension, he may decide to follow Burrow when it comes time for him to get paid.


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