June 19, 2024

Bobby Babich, the linebackers coach for the Buffalo Bills, was promoted to defensive coordinator on Tuesday, continuing his ascent as one of the league’s most sought-after coaches. While other teams, like the Miami Dolphins, were eager to interview Babich for their own defensive coordinator jobs throughout the offseason, the promotion keeps Babich in Buffalo.

Dolphins gut out final AFC playoff spot, but need Tua Tagovailoa back to  have any hope of going further - Yahoo Sports

In 2017, Babich became an assistant defensive backs coach with the Bills. In 2018, he received a promotion to the role of safeties coach, which he kept until 2021. After that, he replaced his father Bob as the linebackers coach for the 2022 and 2023 seasons before being appointed the team’s defensive coordinator.

The younger Babich has previously had coaching positions at FIU, Eastern Illinois, Kent State, and on the coaching staffs of the Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers. Babich’s tenure with the Browns from 2013 to 2015 coincided with that of Mike McDaniel, the head coach of the Dolphins, who coached Cleveland’s wide receivers in 2014. Babich was the defensive backs coach’s assistant at the time.

Babich was scheduled to speak with the Green Bay Packers in addition to the Dolphins. He had also finished a New York Giants interview.

Last week, I posed a query regarding a player who, at least online, is still the subject of intense discussion among Miami Dolphins supporters.

Would you rather that the Dolphins offer Tua the big-time contract right away or do you see him as a franchise quarterback? Or, before making a decision, would you prefer that the team take their time and allow him another season at center? Or have you already made up your mind and decided that it’s best to acquire what we can and go on while his stock is still relatively high?

Here are some of your opinions on the matter:

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