June 19, 2024

The Denver Broncos, who are about to part ways with Russell Wilson following two dismal seasons, will have a drastically different quarterback in 2024.In an attempt to get Wilson, the Broncos traded a large haul of draft picks to the Seattle Seahawks, but the decision backfired as they were eliminated from the playoffs both seasons.

Even the Super Bowl-winning coach Sean Payton was unable to turn back the clock on the former superstar, despite Denver’s best efforts to shield Wilson.

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Even though Wilson had guaranteed money left on his contract, the Broncos seem prepared to take a hit to their dead cap and find a replacement for him in free agency or the 2024 NFL Draft. Fortunately for Denver, if they choose not to draft Wilson’s successor this year, there should be some reliable bridge quarterbacks available in free agency.  Benjamin Allbright has a suspicion that the Broncos may consider starting a player similar to Jimmy Garoppolo in the upcoming season.

“Um, huh. They don’t go QB early in my opinion right now. Thus, I’ll assume Jimmy

Although Garoppolo is still under contract with the Raiders, it looks like he’s leaving after the team made some changes.

After taking control, then-interim head coach Antonio Pierce benched Garoppolo and went with youngster Aidan O’Connell.

Garoppolo is a strong candidate to be dealt or cut between now and the upcoming season given the new coaching staff.

If he becomes available, the Broncos would be a compelling option.

Now, the Broncos must make a difficult choice about Russell Wilson.

They may risk paying him an extra $37 million by playing him in the hopes of making the playoffs, even if they know the odds are against them, or they could give up on the season and sit him the rest of the way.

In all honesty, even if Wilson improved this season, he still doesn’t look like a franchise quarterback, much less one making as much money as he is now.

It’s clear that HC Sean Payton and he don’t always agree, so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Mile High to try looking into other possibilities during the offseason.

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