June 13, 2024

Mr. Smith will not be visiting Washington. or, for that matter, Tampa Bay. He will be visiting Pittsburgh.

And I wonder whether that’s something he will regret.

After all, Mike Tomlin’s choice to appoint Arthur Smith as the offensive coordinator for the Steelers is coming under heavy fire quite quickly.

Arthur Smith on his offense, year-by-year stats

It comes from many people than just me, believe it or not! This week’s “U mad, bro?” has proof.

Following Smith’s hire, Tony sent an email. He shares my suspicions. However, he also had some criticism for the conclusion of my essay that covered the transfer.

It’s not exactly rhythmical to say, Tony, “Meet the new offensive coordinator, same as the old coordinator.”

But may I recommend that you “get on your knees and pray” if you’re expecting that under Smith, Kenny Pickett can develop into a quarterback deserving of a Super Bowl appearance?

“1933 Black and Gold” is not fond of the way the Arthur Smith hiring was covered. It seems like he feels like it’s been overly critical.

I posted a piece with those exact same statistics, and you replied to it. They are cited just above your response. What you mean when you say that “nobody seems eager to talk about that” is unclear to me.

I didn’t pull a small prank on you. I beg to differ. I really clowned it.Checking in, our good friend Sloss Boss seems to support Smith’s hiring.

False. Perhaps this kind of recruitment would have been a wise choice for the QB in 2025.Rob also has some opinions regarding Smith’s hiring.

Dave, I concur with your sentiment. And to be successful at it, they didn’t need to hire Smith. To do that, they may have employed Byron Leftwich. or Van Pelt, Alex. or Luke Getsy. or preserved Matt Canada forever. or revived Randy Fichtner. perhaps bring Todd Ha back on board—Lastly, this guy does a fantastic job of summarising the merger of Smith and Tomlin’s offensive philosophy using cinematic means.

Unfortunately, Kurt, I think it may be simpler to locate the Lost Ark than it will be for this team to find a quarterback to replace Ben Roethlisberger if any of this is to succeed.



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