June 15, 2024

Updated look at the Dallas Cowboys' 2023 salary cap space - A to Z SportsPete Carroll, who was the oldest head coach in the league last season at 72 years old, will be replaced by Macdonald. After the team finished 9-8 in 2023 and missed the postseason, Carroll decided to stand down and accept an advising position with the team.

Throughout his four seasons with the Cowboys, Harris has played a key role in helping Dallas develop one of the top defenses in the league. Last season, the Cowboys were seventh in both yards allowed per game and scoring defense.

Dallas’ secondary has played a significant role in the defense’s transformation into a formidable team. For the past two seasons, they have finished in the top 8 in passing defense rankings. A Cowboys defensive back (Daron Bland in 2023, and Greggs in 2021) topped the league in interceptions for the second time in three years.

Following an incredible 14-year NFL playing career, Harris switched to coaching. From 1998 to 2008, he participated in 163 straight games and was twice chosen for the Pro Bowl as a cornerback.

With 11 NFL coaching seasons under his belt, Harris is unquestionably qualified for a position as defensive coordinator. Rumor has it that Harris might follow Quinn to Washington and take a position as Commander in Chief, but if the Cowboys extend an offer to Harris, it will be intriguing to discover where Harris’ true motivations lie.

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