June 24, 2024

Recall the movie “The Replacements” from 2000? The fictional Washington Sentinels sign a former standout cornerback and kick returner who is serving a prison sentence for attacking a police officer in an attempt to create the most competitive football squad possible during a players’ strike. He gets authorization from the governor to p

Suns sign G Saben Lee to two-year deal, waive Duane Washington Jr. |  Yardbarker

lay under the alias “Ray Smith” as a favor to the club owner. Despite not being one of the primary characters in the movie, “Ray” has a big impact on the group’s accomplishments.

The Phoenix Suns are hoping to add a player or two who may potentially contribute significantly to their squad as the NBA trade deadline approaches, but it won’t be simple given the team’s nearly empty roster of available trade assets. The majority of the names mentioned, in which the squad is purportedly interested, have not impressed. Even though it would be a wise basketball move, many fans are adamantly opposed to bringing Miles Bridges to Phoenix because of the baggage that comes with his name.

Big wing Bridges averages 20.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 1.1 steals per game while playing both forward positions. Additionally, while serving his ban again, he has only missed one game. If it weren’t for his past of domestic violence, adding him would be obvious.

However, he wouldn’t be available at the cheap cost the Suns can afford if it weren’t for that past.

In terms of the rapidly approaching trade deadline, this puts James Jones and the Suns in a precarious situation. To try to propel the Suns into the league of elite contenders, their personnel requirements must be addressed, but they have relatively few trade assets at their disposal to do so.

Very few, in fact, that they would be open to trading for

They aren’t in a position to make a big impact at the deadline unless they are prepared to part with one or more players who they truly need and want to keep. There is very little chance that they will trade any of their Big 3. While I won’t claim that it’s impossible, the likelihood of it happening is so slim that it’s not really worth talking about.

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