June 24, 2024

The Dallas Cowboys are starting to pick themselves up after yet another disappointing season, and the pressure is still growing in Frisco. The fan base’s greatest fears have been confirmed after three straight 12-5 seasons ended in postseason disaster: Dallas is running it back on the headset, bringing back head coach Mike McCarthy and a large portion of the staff, assuming they don’t get promoted somewhere.

Micah Parsons: I hope we get the players we're missing, we didn't do that  this year - NBC Sports

After hearing Jerry Jones’ vows on Tuesday to put everything on the line for 2024, Micah Parsons acknowledged on Wednesday that the Dallas Cowboys were lacking a few players in their quest for a championship this season.

“They’re sitting here talking about how this year we’re going all in. Well, that’s what I would hope for,” Parsons stated on The Edge, his podcast. “My age is twenty-four. After three years in this league, I feel like I’ve seen it everything. I’m hoping we go all in. We didn’t do that this year, so I hope we go out and grab the players we’re lacking. It is my wish that we push ourselves, improve, and grow.”

Dallas has appeared to be going all in the last few years, but despite this, the team has plateaued at 12 victories and earlier-than-expected playoff exits.

The 2023 Cowboys, who had won a dozen games for the third consecutive season, won the NFC East, and were ranked second in the conference, experienced a setback at home for the first time since Week 1 of 2022. This, in turn, made the Packers the first seventh-seeded team to advance past Super Wild Card Weekend in the current postseason format.

Dallas was outmatched by Green Bay in every area and once fell behind by 32 points in the fourth quarter before mounting a comeback to win 48–32 and somewhat cover up the ugly.

Parsons remarked, “That you lose the way you do is sad, man.” “Especially in the house. It was really awkward and inappropriate to discuss how much we played at home, how much it meant to us to be at home, and how inappropriate it was to go out like that at home. I was so mortified by that loss that I was unable to even look at it or feel anything. It was some time before I could even open my mouth in public. I just kind of vanished.”


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