June 13, 2024

Yannick Ngakoue, Bears agree to terms on one-year, $10.5 million dealDuring the summer, the Chicago Bears will have to decide on a number of free-agent candidates, Yannick Ngakoue among them. Ngakoue was one of the highest-paid options on the squad this season despite signing late in the summer. But there are a lot of grounds for thinking he won’t return.

He has never been one to hang around in one place for very long. Since being moved by the Jacksonville Jaguars during his rookie contract, he has never spent more than a year with a single franchise. This is a result of his selfish play, which is to accumulate sacks and stats at the expense of team defense. He is now known for being an awful run defender as a result of it.

He also lost his fastball this year while playing edge rusher. This year, Ngakoue’s pass rush win percentage of 4.8% was by far the lowest of his career. In contrast, he had a win percentage of 7.1% the year before and 10.7% the year before.

He did saw a rise in his sack total even after the Bears signed Montez Sweat, but his win percentage did not. He was simply lucky to be playing alongside Sweat; most rushers on the other side of him would have made the play. He was going to end up with his poorest sack productivity of his career, even with that little boost. And then there’s an injury that ends the season.

We can be certain that Ngakoue will wait until the dog days of summer in order to accept the best offer. The Chicago Bears would only low-ball him since they are aware that he is not worth the money they gave him the previous season. It’s obvious that these two parties aren’t cooperating freely.

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