June 24, 2024

What will the Steelers' offense look like under Arthur Smith? - ESPNCoach Mike Tomlin is letting the NFL know what the Steelers’ future plans are by appointing Arthur Smith as their new offensive coordinator.

Furthermore, the message is very apparent. You had better be ready to halt the run if you play the Steelers.

Throughout his five years as an offensive play caller, Smith’s teams have demonstrated a willingness to run the ball effectively.

Only once, during his first season as head coach of the Falcons, who were 29th in rushing attempts in 2021, did his teams finish outside the top 10 in rushing attempts.

That seems like a good fit with the Steelers’ current setup.

“I believe that we have two excellent running backs in Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris,” stated Steelers president Art Rooney II earlier this week. “They, along with an improving offensive line, can be the foundation of success going forward.”

In terms of overall rushing yards, Smith’s teams have placed second once and third twice. In terms of rushing yards per game during the previous campaign, the Falcons ranked tenth in the NFL.

Maybe that’s a result of working for the head coaches he has endured.

And everyone should be familiar with those names, particularly Steelers supporters.

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