June 16, 2024

Kevin Durant will be back at Footprint Center eventually. Perhaps he’s a graybeard lost in the blissful fog of retirement. Perhaps he is a recent inductee into the Hall of Fame. Alternatively, he might be gathering statistics while serving as a 40-year-old player for another NBA team.

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I hope Durant receives a hero’s welcome upon his return to the Valley, regardless of the occasion. Without the combination of jeers and applause that he had encountered in Brooklyn. Without the complex fusion of disdain and deference that he encounters in Oklahoma City and Northern California.

He deserves nothing less. A player of his magnitude deserves to be loved unconditionally by an adoring fan base at some point in his professional career. Especially if he leads the Suns to their first title in 56 years.

On Wednesday, Durant delivered yet another outstanding performance, marking yet another milestone in his first complete season in Phoenix. After encouraging the Nets not to do a memorial film, he entered the furnace of an uncertain return to Brooklyn, exhibiting the kind of self-awareness that ought to be taught at every NBA boarding school.

For a span of two days, knowledgeable journalists discussed the significance of Durant’s comeback to Brooklyn and the possible reactions of his reunion within Barclays Center. He is, after all, the best player to have ever worn a Nets uniform—just as he was in Oklahoma City and continues to be in Phoenix.

Additionally, he left a super squad he created for himself by requesting to be traded from the Nets twice because he was fed up with his chosen colleagues’ dysfunction.

Nevertheless, a strange thing appeared to occur amid the commotion and clamor: Durant felt completely at home in Brooklyn again. He heard the applause. He heard the jeers. He heard the thunderous roar of quiet that accompanied his brilliant 33-point effort.

He successfully locked both the moment and the game into a headlock. And as the evening went on, you could practically sense the gratitude and bond between Durant and his former employers/city/fan base, despite all the disdain New Yorkers might have for that failed super squad of Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.

There are hopeful hints that Durant could wind up on Planet Orange with a better relationship and resolution.

The Suns will be 10 games over.500 if they finish their road trip with the anticipated wins in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. After 50 games, they will have 30 victories. After a jerky start, they are statistics that suddenly demand your attention.

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