June 19, 2024

Some of the top names in the game get to join together for the NFL Pro Bowl to play flag football and participate in skills contests, all while winning a great trip to Orlando, Florida.

However, not every player is well-known. Over the years, a number of unheralded players have been picked for the Pro Bowl based on their abilities on special teams units, such as punt and kick coverage.

Mike Tomlin

Matthew Slater, a former New England Patriot, is the most well-known player to suit this description in recent memory. Over his sixteen-year career with New England, Slater has been named to five All-Pro teams and ten Pro Bowls. Although he has only made one reception in his career, his official position is wide receiver.

Step forward Miles Killebrew of the Pittsburgh Steelers special teams. With a stellar season this year, he won a berth in the Pro Bowl. The eighth-year player was able to take part in the Pro Bowl Games, which are a set of talent challenges that match the AFC and NFC against one another.

Catching as many “punts” as you could without dropping the balls you had already caught was one of the skill tests. Amazingly, Miles Killebrew caught six NFL

That is an amazing tactic. He had undoubtedly planned out his approach and had perhaps even practiced for it beforehand. It’s next level thinking to realise that you have to wait until the very last second to put the ball between your knees and then collapse after it’s caught.

Although they are very large, I’m not sure how many people have ever held an official NFL football. They measure about 11 inches in length and 28 inches in circumference at their thickest. It’s really crazy to have power over six of them at once!


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