June 19, 2024

GREEN BAY — In 2009, Dom Capers became the new defensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers, replacing Brian Gutekunst as a college scout in the personnel department.

Indicating a long-term extension for his hand-selected quart, Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst

However, the general manager of the Packers is still aware of what transpired on defence following the veteran coach’s arrival in Titletown

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The hiring of Capers, one of the NFL’s most accomplished defensive minds with head coaching stretches with the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans and a rĂ©sumĂ© that included being a founding member of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ renowned “Blitzburgh” fire zone blitz scheme, by then-coach Mike McCarthy, proved to be a game-changing move.

The Packers defence ranked No. 2 in the league in scoring defence and No. 5 in total defence in 2010 during the second year of Capers’ 3-4 scheme. Capers utilised future Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson in every way possible and made the most of the talents of safety Nick Collins, outside linebacker Clay Matthews, defensive tackle B.J. Raji, nose tackle Ryan Pickett, and defensive end Cullen Jenkins.

And Super Bowl XLV was won by the Packers.

After signing former Boston College coach Jeff Hafley earlier this week, coach Matt LaFleur will have his third defensive coordinator in 2024—he has had six in the previous six years. He’s hoping Hafley, who comes in after Joe Barry (2021–2023) and Mike Pettine (2019–2021), will be the kind of disruptive force that Capers proved to be.

Joe Barry, the defensive coordinator for the Packers, is fired.

Before the team’s historic collapse in the second half of an agonising NFC Championship Game loss to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014, Capers led another championship-caliber defence unit in 2014. He also became the longest-tenured defensive coordinator in franchise history. Pettine succeeded him after the 2017 season.

However, Gutekunst does not foresee needing to retool the defensive personnel to account for the philosophical shift from Barry’s keep-everything-in-front-of-you umbrella scheme to Hafley’s system, which is inspired by Pettine and New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh, who was the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers when Hafley was their defensive backs coach. This is in contrast to what then-GM Ted Thompson did upon Capers’ arrival.

He has undoubtedly worked in a wide variety of systems. Gutekunst, who claimed to have only had a “brief conversation” with Hafley in 2019 while the latter was Ohio State’s co-defensive coordinator, said of the player, “He’s very flexible that way.”

He has obviously been a student and employee at Boston College for the last four years, so as he comes to know our staff better, I believe his ideas will start to lean more in the direction of his goals. However, (after) our first discussions—of which I clearly had far fewer than Matt—I’m just incredibly enthusiastic about some of his ideas and the direction he may take our roster.”

Hafley has not yet made a public debut, and LaFleur has not yet explained why he hired Hafley, despite the team announcing his employment on Wednesday.

It’s probable that the team is waiting to let Hafley talk the media until the defensive staff is finalised. The defensive position coaches were retained when LaFleur hired Barry in February 2021; however, according to a source this week, there will likely be some adjustments made to the defensive staff this time around.

Additionally, LaFleur has remained silent since dismissing Barry. during their separation during the 2020 NFC Championship Game, LaFleur gave an explanation of his defensive goals.

LaFleur stated at the time, “I think there’s a certain mentality that comes with that if you look at the great defences around the league.” “How you play each call is more important than what you’re calling, necessarily. You do not wish to forfeit any benefits. People should have to work for every inch they spend on the lawn.

“I do believe that you need to adopt and carry with you a particular mindset on a daily basis. Practice is where it all begins. And when you follow the proper procedures and make the necessary preparations, it results in

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