June 19, 2024

After being stifled in the NFL playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys will watch the Super Bowl, and as the offseason approaches, the Jones family will be busy coining catchphrases and buzzwords. Jerry is using phrases like “push the hell out of it” and “all in.” And Stephen? He is moving through terms like “trust” and “doubt,” which raises issues with “comparisons” and “blame.” Who then bears the blame? To the amazement of many, Coach Mike McCarthy kept his job after the team lost the playoffs for the third time in a row. Dan Quinn, the new coach of the Washington Commanders, did not find his coaching career completely derailed. Dak Prescott is still the centre of attention.

Jerry Jones fuels Dak Prescott speculation with recent comments | Yardbarker

Until you finish it, there’s no way that (fans) will expressly trust you, according to Jones. Would someone have faith in Tom Brady and the Patriots to complete the task? Yes, does anyone really think that Kansas City and (Patrick) Mahomes will succeed? Why? They’re in the title game because they’ve done it six times in a row. “There will be doubts until we compete at that level and finish the task. And with good reason.

As Stephen put it, “we” is the right term in this instance. However, Prescott’s 2-5 postseason record isn’t good enough for the Cowboys, who are, at the very least, desperate to snap their NFC Championship drought. Not to add, Prescott’s cap charge for the upcoming campaign is now projected to be little less than a whopping $60 million.

The decision of whether to grant their franchise quarterback a second contract extension or to use financial leverage to lower his salary hit and effectively render him a lame duck in 2024 is left up to the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, the father of Stephen, stated on Tuesday, “We’ll go as far as Dak takes us.” Are these intended as jabs at Dak? Prescott as the scapegoat—a blame game? Both no and no. Though Prescott was considered a finalist for the MVP award during the regular season, his lack of success in the postseason has clouded Dallas’ future, leaving the Jones to consider the contributions of players like Brady and Mahomes as Cowboys Nation prepares to watch The Big Game on television.

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