June 15, 2024

Jerry Jones: 'No doubt' I could work with Bill Belichick on CowboysFRISCO: Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, declares that his team is “all in” on attempting to win a major championship in 2024. And when it comes to Dallas’ hunt for a new defensive coordinator to take Dan Quinn’s position, at least one powerful and well-known colleague concurs with him. Under the condition of anonymity, a fellow NFL owner tells CowboysSI.com, “Watch him.” “Jerry is hoping to make a big hire. Here, he’s really swinging for the fences. With Quinn taking over the Washington Commanders, the Cowboys are trying to find a replacement, and the team owner was only able to provide that information. Naturally, “what Jerry wants” is not a given.

However, the owner’s comments do imply that Jones is involved in the upcoming hire, indicating that Mike McCarthy, the head coach, is not the only choice—he is about to begin his final contract year. And they ought to send thoughts rushing across Cowboys Nation, exploring every avenue up to “the fences.” Here are a few names (along with some notes) arranged alphabetically.

Is this reasonable, in Bill Belichick’s opinion? No. However, Jerry brought it up at his Senior Bowl media visit this week, emphasizing how well the two of them would get along.

“I have no doubt that we could collaborate,” he stated. Not one. None at all. As “at the top of his profession” and “maybe the greatest pro football coach of all time,” Belichick, 71, was praised by Jones.

Here, everyone involved—especially the ousted New England czar Belichick—would have to stuff themselves with humble pie. However, this would rank among the greatest “home-run swings” in the annals of sports. And the only reason we bring it up is that Jerry just brought it up, for no apparent reason at all.

Pete Carroll, who was recently removed from his long-standing position as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, expressed his desire to continue as a coach. He has achieved every football goal conceivable. There is no indication that she is lacking vigor, even at 72. Want to carry on acting in a “Quinn-like” manner? Carroll’s hiring would bring to mind the Cowboys of the 1990s, who took Norv Turner’s place with Ernie Zampeze, their mentor. This would come as a pleasant surprise. Longstanding relationships exist between Quinn and the Cowboys and Aden Durde, the defensive line coach for Dallas. He’s regarded as a rising star and is well-liked in the locker room. He was able to travel to Washington. One problem for Dallas is that McCarthy is a rookie defensive playcaller; is he truly willing to put his wagon behind him?

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