June 24, 2024

Oilers name Jay Woodcroft head coach | YardbarkerA major contribution to the redesign of the NHL All-Star skills competition was made by Connor McDavid. He then ruled the updated version.

The three-time MVP winner accepted the $958 million award, demonstrating once more why he is regarded as the world’s top hockey player. To the amazement of the hometown audience, he accomplished this as a hometown hero at the arena where he grew up watching sports.

McDavid believed that the skills competition had become “a little gimmicky, a little out there” in prior years, so he worked with the league and union to rectify it.

It was back to the fundamentals with his assist, and the captain of the Edmonton Oilers shone with the focus on him.

“I found it to be amusing,” McDavid remarked. It got competitive out there, I can tell from a competitive standpoint. I was sighing heavily.

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