June 19, 2024

A video of a Parramatta Junior League player’s incredible play went viral, making him an overnight sensation online.

Viliotu Masila captured the eye of viewers worldwide with a devastating, full-field try for the Merrylands Rams U18s, garnering over 135 million views.

Dylan Brown (not pictured viewing Masila’s remarkable run).

Masila blasted off the back fence and charged onto the ball from kickoff in the first play of a match. He sped through ten players in a 100-meter dash to the try line, leaving the opposition in his wake as he drove into the defence with strength and speed.

On the Parramatta Eels’ official TikTok page, the try was first viewed 7 million times last year. Accounts from the USA, UK, France, and other countries were among those that saw it.

The video became viral throughout the globe and continues to be shared, with reposts from YouTube, Instagram, and X accounts pushing its total views beyond 135 million.

An Internet Hall of Fame user commented, “This man is unstoppable, even if a wall tried to stop him.”

A top reply reads, “Give this man an NFL contract”.

In a Highlight Reel repost, Masila had around 100 million views and two million likes on YouTube alone.

At the Parramatta Junior League’s 2023 Awards Night, the play was named Try of the Year.

In stark contrast to his explosive playing style, Masila remained reserved and soft-spoken when questioned about the try and his rise to fame on the internet.

Registrations for the 2024 Parramatta Junior League season have opened.

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