June 19, 2024

Jaguars defense has to contain Kyle Pitts, be prepared for Cordarelle Patterson's multiple skillsFor Kyle Pitts and a draft selection, Justin Fields? As the Chicago Bears consider their choices for the 2024 season, ESPN is tossing forth one audacious suggestion.

Aaron Schatz provided “big predictions” for each of the 32 clubs in ESPN’s 2024 offseason preview guide. He also predicted that the Atlanta Falcons will make a trade to acquire Fields from the Bears. Additionally, he mentioned that as part of the trade deal, Chicago might get Pitts, the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Before Chicago uses the first overall pick on a new starting quarterback, the Falcons will employ Pitts as part of a package to wrest quarterback Justin Fields away from the Bears.

The more the NFL Scouting Combine approaches, the more people in the league believe that the Bears will select Caleb Williams of USC with the first overall choice in order to select a quarterback. According to “most people I talked to in Mobile,” according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, “most people expect” the Bears will hold the top pick.

But if the Bears choose to select a quarterback with the choice, they will have to decide what to do with Fields. More precisely, they need to determine which team is prepared to provide the highest trade salary for the former Ohio State standout. If the Falcons put up Pitts, they could definitely make a strong argument for themselves, but would they really?

The Falcons may not be thrilled about the prospect of giving up one of their best offensive players in order to acquire a new quarterback, but if they are not convinced about Pitts’ long-term prospects and do not plan to exercise his fifth-year option, they might give it some thought.

After making the Pro Bowl and amassing 1,026 receiving yards in his debut campaign, Pitts has largely disappointed the Falcons ever since. Although he has received fair criticism for the way Atlanta’s offensive line has been using him, he has not performed well enough to meet the standards that come with being a top-


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