June 24, 2024

Reaves: the "hillbilly Kobe" who revolutionized the NBA with the LakersWithout LeBron James and Anthony Davis, nobody thought the Los Angeles Lakers would be competitive against the Celtics in Boston. But the Lakers, led by Austin Reaves, surprised everyone by handily losing just their third game at home this season to the Celtics.

Reaves scored 32 points in the game and drained seven three-pointers as the Lakers defeated their opponents 114-105. Head coach Darvin Ham had nothing but praise for the guard afterward, citing similarities between him and the player the Lakers saw late in the previous season and in the postseason.

The Lakers head coach praised Reaves’ contribution to the team as a whole in addition to his performance in Boston. Since donning a Lakers uniform, Reaves, according to Ham, has been amazing.

“AR and I spoke quickly one-on-one yesterday when we arrived in town, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to him personally for everything he’s done for our program. Only his tenacity and willingness to take a risk. Ever since he put on a Laker uniform, and especially since I took over as head coach, he has been nothing short of extraordinary. Every time, he’s put everything on the line. In important situations, I have faith in him to carry out his share. His leadership is beginning to show as well, and one of his remarks is pertinent to your point: when things are not going well, we’ve already demonstrated what we “I believe tonight shown the capacity to withstand hardship, particularly when we lost Vando. The epitome of the next-play attitude was demonstrated tonight when discussing who isn’t starting and how the greatest team in the league is suddenly rallying after we defeated them by a significant margin. That’s what Austin Reaves embodies.

After agreeing to a new contract this summer, Reaves’ season has been up and down, but efforts like this one demonstrate why the front office has effectively rendered him untouchable in trade negotiations. He rose to the occasion once more when everything was at its best, demonstrating the kind of thinking and demeanor necessary for success.

Even after the Lakers’ victory in Boston, there are still problems that need to be resolved, and Austin Reaves hasn’t held back while discussing them.

Reaves underlined that teamwork is crucial and that communication is the key to solving problems. He feels the team is capable of defeating any opponent on any given night.

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