June 23, 2024

NHL Superstar Connor McDavid Out With Upper-Body Injury - The ForkballNothing demonstrates how the best players on the Edmonton Oilers are still the best players on the team like NHL all-star weekend.

Even though Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl didn’t finish first and second overall in points last year, respectively, they are still the best players to represent the team in the NHL’s showcase event.

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After having a 29-14-5 record with a.914 save percentage and a 2.75 goals-against average in his rookie NHL season, Stuart Skinner was voted to travel to Sunrise, Florida, for the previous year’s all-star festivities. This accomplishment made him a finalist for the Calder Memorial Trophy.

Even though Skinner has a 23-9-1 record, which ties him for the third-most victories of any goalie in the league, a.910 save percentage, and a 2.44 goals-against average, he has not been invited to the all-star activities in Toronto this weekend.

Though there are undoubtedly other goalies who are more deserved and have higher statistics at this juncture, none have been more dominant than Skinner going into the break, given his flawless nine-for-nine record in appearances to,

It should come as no surprise that the always dangerous combination of McDavid and Draisaitl is one of the Oilers players participating in Friday’s skills and thrills.

McDavid and Draisaitl led the way in goals (64), assists (89), and points (153) respectively last season. McDavid finished ahead of Draisaitl with 128 points (52 goals, 76 assists).

He has contributed more than any other player to the Oilers’ amazing 24-3 run, which has seen them go from pretenders to contenders. Despite the humiliation of losing their head coach early in the season, the team has climbed all the way from 30th place overall to third place in the Pacific Division.

Their numbers this season are the unexpected thing.

With 67 points in 43 games, McDavid is tied for fourth place in the league overall, and they continue to lead the team in points scored (1 and 2). Nonetheless, with his current mix of 20 goals and 47 assists, he has little chance of winning the league’s top goal scorer award two years in a row.

With 57 points (23 goals, 34 assists), Draisaitl is now in 14th place overall. This is because he has primarily played as the Oilers second line center rather than as McDavid’s winger up on the top line as he did the previous season.

Naturally, the two best players continue to unholster together on Edmonton’sAt 26.95%, it’s still in the top five, but that’s far from the 32.36% that they set a new NHL record with the previous season.



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