June 16, 2024

Two years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers opened up a coaching spot in order to bring in former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. The Steelers ought to honor Mike Vrabel in a same manner, according to Noah Strackbein and Stephen Thompson of All Steelers Talk.

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The co-hosts also suggested that the Steelers had to be so thrilled about the possibility of hiring Vrabel that they ought to extend an irresistible offer to him.

“It’s really not a question of ability or anything,” Thompson stated on the February 2 broadcast of All Steelers Talk. “If you can get Mike Vrabel, you go get Mike Vrabel.” “I’m not sure if you should interview this guy in depth; it’s more of a, ‘Hey, would you like to come here?’

There, it seems to be a one-way street. The Steelers ought to want Mike Vrabel to attend if that is his desire. I have no idea how much money such an assistant would make.

However, I believe you almost give him a blank check and tell him, “Yes, we’d be delighted to have you here.”

From 2018 to 23 Vrabel was the head coach of the Tennessee Titans for six seasons. Despite having losing records in his last two seasons, he finished with a 54-45 record.

In the 2019-20 season, Vrabel led the Titans to an improbable AFC championship game appearance. The Titans were the conference’s sixth seed that postseason.

As a player, Vrabel won three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. Ironically, he began his playing career with the Steelers in 1997.

Along with his co-host, Strackbein said the Steelers ought to go after Vrabel as a top defensive assistant. Strackbein agreed that the Steelers should be able to acquire Vrabel without regard to cost.

“I’m not sure where that originates. Strackbein countered, “I don’t know where the money for coaching staffs comes from or anything like that. [However] Art Rooney is worth a billion dollars annually. Sign Mike Vrabel now.

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