June 16, 2024

The Chicago Blackhawks are the target of Corey Perry’s ongoing grievance, according to information recently revealed by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. A lot of discussion took place on Friday at a series of press conferences to announce the NHL’s entry into the Olympics and a Four Nations Faceoff tournament. Topics included the 2018 World Junior investigation, charges that are still pending and the legal system, expansion, the Arizona Coyotes’ new arena, and Chicago’s contract termination that led to Perry’s signing with the Edmonton Oilers.

Former NHL star Corey Perry arrested in child sex sting - Thaiger World

In response to a question concerning the Blackhawks’ handling of his contract termination, Bettman stated, “I don’t have any problem with what the Blackhawks did,” but he acknowledged that a grievance was still pending.

However, a few Edmonton supporters are nonetheless curious about what might happen if Perry filed the complaint. Is there a chance he prevails? If so, does that mean the Blackhawks have the right to reclaim the player, rendering his agreement with Edmonton void?

It wasn’t that long ago the Oilers had similar questions about another player. This Perry situation draws parallels to the handling of Evander Kane‘s contract when his deal was terminated by the San Jose Sharks. At the time, there were reports the Sharks could technically take Kane back if it was deemed his termination wasn’t done properly. It would have been precedent-setting, but it was believed to be a possibility.

The Sharks might have reinstituted Kane’s contract and possibly void his agreement with the Oilers if an arbitrator had mandated that the organization pay him his whole salary. This was improbable, though, considering San Jose’s position on Kane at the time. He was content enough not to be there, even though they didn’t want him. Edmonton faced a battle despite the slim likelihood of restoring Kane to the Sharks.

Ultimately, it was reported in a number of places—including by Elliotte Friedman and Kevin Weekes—that the Sharks and Kane had reached an agreement to resolve their disputes. The salary differential between what San Jose owed Kane and what the Oilers signed him for was agreed to be covered.

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