June 13, 2024

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers gave former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith full control of their offence, solidifying the team’s plans for an offensive unit that would require significant upgrades for the next campaign.

When his tolerance started to run out, Steelers owner Art Rooney II conveyed a severe message to his squad. Najee Harris, a running back and former Alabama star, was reportedly having private discussions about his future.

Najee Harris - Latest Najee Harris News, Stats & Updates

Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph, two quarterbacks for the Pittsburgh Steelers, are facing uncertain futures as Smith gets ready to make his mark on the team this season. With Patrick Mahomes and other quarterbacks still on their opponents’ rosters, both QBs might be crucial to the Steelers’ success in the American Football Conference. Coach Mike Tomlin’s squad is in dire need of improved play.

Smith Speaks Out on Pickett’s Potential 

With the intention of establishing a bond that extends beyond the football pitch, Smith was eager to get to know the former Pittsburgh Panthers player.

That summed up a video interview that was shared on the Steelers’ official Twitter account.

“First and foremost, a relationship between the play-caller and the quarterback needs to be developed between myself and Kenny,” Smith stated. “Trust must be earned on a daily basis and in both directions.

Kenny’s trust must be earned by me, and vice versa.

Smith Must Prove Himself in Steelers’ OC Pursuit 

Given the Falcons’ dismal offensive showing from the previous campaign, there are many doubters about Smith and the Steelers going into this season.

In response to Smith’s observation, the Falcons featured a number of youthful players in pivotal roles, such as Bijan Robinson, Desmond Ridder, and Kyle Pitts.

The Steelers anticipate that Smith’s time in the ATL will help him work with the team’s several young guys on the offensive line in a methodical and patient manner.

“Everyone I’ve ever attempted to mentor…You make an effort to establish a rapport and get to know someone better first, Smith advised. “I’m eager to try and build that relationship and that trust with every player on our offence.


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