June 16, 2024

The Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of four assistant coaches including offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, running backs coach Duce Staley, tight ends coach and pass game specialist Tommy Rees and defensive line coach Jacques Cesaire

Report: Panthers seek to interview Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey  for head coach

The Cleveland Browns officially announced that Ken Dorsey would be their offensive coordinator ahead of his press conference on Monday. Alongside him, the team named Duce Stay the running backs coach, Tommy Rees the tight ends coach and pass game expert, and Jacques Cesaire the defensive line coach.

Prior to his Monday press conference, the Cleveland Browns formally declared that Ken Dorsey would serve as their offensive coordinator. The group that accompanied him included defensive line coach Jacques Cesaire, tight ends coach and pass game specialist Tommy Rees, and running backs coach Duce Stay.

Ken is going to provide a new perspective to our offence and has worked with and developed some of the best quarterbacks in this league. Being one of the most successful college quarterbacks of all time has given him a great deal of insight into what it takes to succeed in that role, which has further enhanced his abilities as a coach. He is familiar with the Browns’ significance to this community and has a past with the team. Ken’s appointment as offensive coordinator excites us much. – Kevin Stefanski via a news release from the team

Interestingly, Dorsey’s role as the quarterback’s coach is left out. Dorsey may wind up in that capacity; it could just be a formality that is disclosed during the press conference. Last year, Alex Van Pelt served as both the quarterbacks coach and the offensive coordinator. It’s also conceivable that the Browns intend to hire a new coach for that position group.

There was always going to be more to Rees’s responsibilities than just tutoring tight ends. The fact that he is referred to as a “pass game specialist” honours his tenure as offensive coordinator at Alabama and Notre Dame. Furthermore, the Browns hope to adopt some of the innovations directly from the collegiate game, as Stefanski points out.

“I have no doubt that Tommy will make the transition to the NFL as he has established himself as one of the best assistant coaches in college football. He is incredibly knowledgeable about football, and I am excited to have him provide his unique viewpoint and expertise from elite college programmes to our offence.

In addition to coaching running backs, Duce Staley has served as an assistant head coach for three teams and was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles organisation during their Super Bowl victory.

“Duce brings the mindset and energy to his coaching style that is needed in the running backs room. He was a tough, hard-nosed running back in this league.” Having worked with some of the top running backs in the NFL, he is skilled at getting the most out of his athletes. “We are thrilled to have him as our running back leader,” Stefanski remarked.

The man Staley is replacing, Stump Mitchell, was also the running game coordinator. Staley’s title is just running backs coach, at least for the time being. The title element might be exaggerated because Staley will play a significant role in assisting the Browns in improving their dismal running game in 2022.

The Houston Texas defensive front, which saw success over the previous two seasons, was coached by Jacques Cesaire. Ben Bloom, the defensive line coach in 2022, is being replaced by him. Bloom is still employed by the company as of right now, though he could get a new assignment.

The post of offensive line coach is still undetermined in addition to the quarterbacks coach not being mentioned. It is not official yet, but Bill Callahan is in the process of moving on to the Tennessee Titans. The Browns, on the other hand, might still be searching for his replacement.

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