June 16, 2024

Even by Dallas’ standards, an intensely dramatic and difficult offseason was almost certain when the Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers on Wild Card weekend, becoming the first club in NFL postseason history to fall to a seven seed. Even though this has already been the case in the weeks after the Cowboys’ 16-game home winning run was snapped due to a meltdown at AT&T Stadium, it’s easy to forget how closely watched every decision the team makes is. Recall that Mike McCarthy’s ostensibly insignificant remark in March about wanting to “run the damn ball” marked the beginning of the previous offseason’s controversy.

McCarthy made this statement in reference to a stylistic distinction between his preferred method of “lighting up the scoreboard” and that of “resting the defense” with a more balanced approach, which was chosen by Kellen Moore, the former offensive coordinator. Nick Sirianni’s will play out the final year of his contract with the team in a precarious position regarding how far their present core can carry them toward the ultimate goal of a championship, having only had complete control over the offense for one season. Jerry Jones informed the media at the Senior Bowl that the club will be attempting to push all of its chips to the middle of the table with a revised “all in” approach to winning, even though it appears they are closer to a reset than a conference championship game appearance.

The first thing the Cowboys will do if they really want to go all in for the 2024 season is try to make history by being the first NFC East club to win the division twice in a row since the Philadelphia Eagles in 2003–04. the last two seasons of Andy Reid’s team’s four-year run. The play callers McCarthy and Moore, who are currently on Nick Sirianni’s staff as offensive coordinator after leaving the Chargers, will square off in two crucial games if the Eagles are to continue being the Cowboys’ greatest division rival.

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