June 16, 2024

Miami Hurricanes Coaches and College Football Fashion Through the Years -  State of The U - radiozona.com.arEvery year, Florida turns forth some of the top high school football players who go on to excel in college and have successful NFL careers.

The Miami Hurricanes football program has struggled to consistently keep that local talent at home throughout the 247Sports era, which spans back to the 2011 recruiting cycle. However, Mario Cristobal has begun to turn the tide in recruiting.

With eight signees who were among the top 25 in the state, UM signed the most prospects, according to the industry-generated 247Sports Composite.

Programs like Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, and Clemson ransacked Florida for the best prospects before Cristobal arrived. The 2024 recruiting cycle that just ended suggests that those days are about to come to an end.

Schools like Ohio State, Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson continued to select top ten players from the state of Florida in the 2024 cycle, but the number of such players was significantly lower than in previous years.

Five of the top 25 Florida prospects were signed by Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson combined, per the industry-generated 247Sports Composite. Out of the five players who departed Florida, four are considered to be five-star prospects.

Five-star Armondo Blount, who was rated No. 8 in the state and No. 28 in the nation, is Miami’s highest-rated signee from the state of Florida.

‌One of the best wide receiver prospects to emerge from South Florida in the current recruiting class, he possesses a unique blend of size, speed, and hands that can cause opposing defenses serious problems. wasn’t always the biggest child, but at just under 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds when he checked into the All-American Bowl, he seemed ready to play. With his massive body, he can easily overwhelm defensive backs, but he’s much more than just a contested-catch expert because he’s shown himself to be a dynamic route runner who can attack leverage and drop his hips to get space. has made several impressive catches throughout the years, such as a clever one-handed grab on ESPN2 when she was a senior, and usually comes traffic in order to make significant profits. With NFL ancestry and a stellar track record that includes two gold medals in hurdle events as a junior, he ticks off a lot of boxes for talent evaluators. Numerous in-person evaluations and a substantial body of work indicate that he is the safest pick for the 2024 cycle and a future player for a team that is a contender for the College Football Playoffs and is able to manage a large volume of targets. Will need to continue honing his skill, but should get some playing time in his collegiate career before suiting up as a Day 1 pick on Sundays.

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