June 15, 2024

At least one story on the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline, which is set for March 8, will be released every day at Daily Faceoff, with less than two months to go

The formula is straightforward: exchange a future asset for your win-now portion. In sports, nothing is guaranteed, particularly in a game like hockey where anything can happen at any time. Given turnover rates, many general managers aren’t very concerned about what the team will look like in five years, so take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts.

NHL power rankings: Where is the bottom for the Edmonton Oilers? - Daily  Faceoff

But when you give up long-term success for quick money, you’re getting into hot water. Successful teams consistently devastate their prospect pools; Tampa Bay, Colorado, Vegas, and Pittsburgh are just a few examples. All of them have benefited from it, but the downturn may be extremely painful.

While not all of the teams below have that situation—some midpack organisations may simply be trying to cash in—here are some prospects worth considering.

day, we’re closely examining ten possibilities who could be active this year.

22-year-old Philip Broberg (Edmonton Oilers)
The pick, which was confusing at the time and was selected eighth overall in 2019, hasn’t held up that well, especially because Trevor Zegras was selected ninth. With a powerful 6-foot-3 build, he is a skilled two-way defenceman who excels in the AHL with Bakersfield. But despite spending the last three seasons switching between the two leagues, he hasn’t worked out how to remain relevant in the NHL. Although Broberg’s game has improved somewhat defensively over time, I don’t think it’s enough to be too enthusiastic about.

As of right now, the Oilers are the hottest team in the NHL. I fail to envisage a scenario in which Broberg ends up being a permanent fix on the blueline. He might be a trade piece that would enable Broberg to acquire a new

Turcotte, who the Kings selected with the fifth pick overall in 2019, has a lot of reasons to be sad. Although he had talent from an early age, his professional career was marred by injuries over the first several years. With 23 points in 28 games, he’s having his finest AHL season to date, while he’s still waiting for his first NHL point after 13 games.

Turcotte, a premier playmaker in the minor leagues, doesn’t appear to have a chance to join the Kings on a full-time basis this season. If he’s going to pull it off, like Broberg, it will happen somewhere else. With 54 points, the Kings are in a three-way tie for the top Wildcard berth with St. Louis and Nashville, meaning they may still make the playoffs. The last ten games, they are 2-5-3.

Heinola suffered a severe setback in the preseason when he fractured his left ankle, missing 40 games. After a lengthy absence, he is returning to the Manitoba Moose for his fifth season, and he is performing admirably. Heinola has been one of the more productive AHL defenders in recent years, but he hasn’t been able to land a full-time position with the Jets.

Will the Jets eventually transfer Heinola to bring in some help at the deadline, after all this time and false starts? A talented and youthful defender with versatility, he is unable to find employment in Winnipeg due to the team’s defensive impasse. Given how well the team is performing, might Heinola be utilised to add some more depth at the

Barry, my friend. Avoid doing it. Avoid giving in to temptation. Don’t deal Askarov unless you’re receiving a true gem; he’s a goalie with major Vezina Trophy potential down the road. Juuse Saros, who has shown to be among the NHL’s finest goaltenders over the last five years, is a valuable player who should be traded; there are many of teams that could use Saros in the near future.

Askarov is still valuable in the trade market, though, should the team decide to pursue the possibility.

It was always the appropriate decision to keep Askarov in the AHL for a another season and partner with longtime AHL great Troy Grosenick. However, the 2024 AHL All-Star is among the best in the league right now, having just completed three straight shutouts.

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