June 23, 2024

Chicago Bears News, Scores, Stats, Schedule | NFL.comRegarding the halftime show for the NFL Pro Bowl games this year, the NFL has said nothing. However, it wouldn’t be shocking if a notable performer did wind up hitting the stage in between acts. Rap group Rae Stemmed opened the first Pro Bowl Games halftime show the previous season.

The 2024 Pro Bowl Games’ main event will take place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, February 4, following a week of events. At 3 p.m. ET, the biggest players in the league will play a Flag Football match.

The Voice coach Reba McEntire will play the national anthem prior to Usher taking the stage. Throughout her career, McEntire, who is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, has received numerous honors, including Grammy and CMA awards.

“My manager, Justin McIntosh, told me the news,” she remarked. I exclaimed, ‘Oh my god. Alright, let me to consider that.

Al Jourgensen formed Ministry as a synth pop group prior to him becoming a metal and industrial legend and shouting against the machine. Yes, the group’s dance-oriented, keyboard-driven 1983 first album With Sympathy received modest attention on local radio stations and a little bit on MTV due to the gothic-tinged hit song “Revenge.” Although the album was primarily synth-heavy, three tracks—the groovy “I Wanted to Tell Her” (with female singer Shay Jones) and the R&B-esque “Say You’re Sorry”—featured guitar. If you’re familiar with the darker sounds that were initially introduced with their 1986 sophomore album Twitch and subsequent releases similar to that, the album is an intriguing curiosity.

Jourgensen famously referred to Arista Records’ With Sympathy as a “sonic abortion” because the label pressured him to record a marketable album rather of the more aggressive tunes that were released later and to adopt a new wave persona. He was guided in that path since he was a young, inexperienced musician in need of a major break, but as soon as that album cycle ended, he left the label as quickly as possible.

“I hated this record so much,” Jourgensen said in a 2016 interview with Yahoo! Music. In actuality, I burned the two-inch [master] cassettes during a barbeque party that I hosted. Thus, there isn’t an original With Sympathys out there. I recently set them on fire.

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