June 13, 2024


Throughout the season, Chris Boswell only missed two field goals and one extra point. Boswell was faultless within forty yards. His field goal percentage of 93.5% is tied with his second-best 2019 campaign. In 2020, he had a 95% success rate in his greatest season. Boswell ranks sixth all-time among kickers who have tried at least 100 field goals with a career success percentage of 87.2%.
Compared to Boswell’s two missed field goals this season, opponents have missed five. The opponents’ field goal percentage was 86.5%. That was the league’s fifteenth-highest percentage. Moreover, opponents’ success rate with extra point attempts was just 92.3%. A lower percentage of made extra points was faced by six teams.

With a gross average punt yardage of 44 yards, the Steelers were only superior to New Orleans. Pittsburgh did, however, have the sixth-most punts in the league with 20 downed inside the 20-yard line. Also, the Steelers punted 89 times, which was seventh most.
Nick Herbig led the Steelers in special teams snaps (371), including playoff snaps. Following in order were Elijah Riley (216), Connor Heyward (259), Chandon Sullivan (234), James Pierre (279), Miles Boykin (332), Mark Robinson (320), Miles Killebrew (335), and Rodney Williams (205). Out of the available 18 games, Pierre only made appearances in 17. Williams made only 14 appearances, and Riley made only 13. This season’s 18 games featured the other players on this list.

Five players led the NFL in special teams tackles with 13 at the end of the season. Killebrew had twelve in the end. With seven, Pierre came in second on the team. Williams and Herbig had six.
The only two special teams teams to successfully block numerous punts were the Cowboys and Steelers, with two each.
Pittsburgh allowed 2.9 more yards per kickoff return on average than did opponents, but the Steelers allowed.7 more yards per punt return on average. Against Pittsburgh, the average kickoff return gained 26.4 yards, which is the sixth-highest rate in the league. However, that was only after 18 returns.
In 2023, Pittsburgh tied the Texans and Patriots for the league lead with six two-point conversions. Six two-point conversions were also conceded by the Steelers. Four groups gave up more.

*All stats are regular season only unless specified


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