June 13, 2024

There is always a team vying to take the title of America’s Team and the Dallas Cowboys’ heroism, and recency bias is a powerful addiction. The Detroit Lions were that hopeful squad for the 2023 campaign. The Lions swiftly gained popularity as prime-time candidates thanks to their underdog tale, legendary head coach, and quarterback seeking atonement. They won over fans across the nation. Though the general public may have supported Detroit throughout the playoffs, the moniker “America’s Team” is based on discourse and history rather than a single season’s worth of performance.

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Both Lions running back Jahmyr Gibbs and Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb were questioned about who should inherit the titular throne at the Pro Bowl.

“They make it to one playoff round, experience some success, and now they’re America’s Team?” Lamb enquired. “That’s insane.” While Dallas’ playoff drought continues, Detroit has clearly had more recent success, reaching the NFC Championship Game; yet, the Lions had not won a postseason game in more than thirty years. A resume such as that would make the moniker an annual prize, even for supporters ready to share the America’s Team title.

In response, Gibbs boasted about Detroit’s incredible run, which was only broken by the merciless skill and demonic wizardry of the San Francisco 49ers. “But we’ve won more postseason games than CeeDee!” Gibbs laughed as he said. Not only does Gibbs have two postseason wins in 2023, but he also has more mid-January triumphs than Lamb. Lamb’s record of one postseason victory in his career has also been surpassed by the rookie (two).

These two teams have become fairly close, starting with their contentious encounters at the conclusion of the regular season and continuing through Pro Bowl arguments. Pro Bowl players are on both Dallas and Detroit’s rosters, so a rematch will undoubtedly have the same level of drama.

But in this struggle, the Cowboys prevailed. To be both the most beloved and despised team in the sport, a team must accomplish much more than a disappointing playoff run.

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