June 24, 2024

According to Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus, Ryan Tannehill is the Pittsburgh Steelers’ best option as a free agent quarterback addition, especially with Arthur Smith joining the team as offensive coordinator. On the February 2 episode of the PFF NFL Show, however, Spielberger still listed the Steelers as one of his preferred landing locations for quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Report: Former Falcons HC Arthur Smith interviewing for Steelers offensive coordinator position - On3

Spielberger remarked, “The Tennessee days with [Ryan Tannehill and Arthur Smith] make him the easier connection.” But I also wonder if the Steelers sit there and think, ‘Hey, we’ve had a number of years when we’ve gone 9-8, 10-7, with quarterback play that is, to put it mildly, replacement level. Below average, without a doubt.

“Cameron Heyward is going to be 35, I think, next year. T.J. Watt is going to be 30. I’m sure he’s going to be good for several more years, but maybe they just say, ‘You know what, let’s make a bit of a splash. Go get Kirk Cousins, and we think we can win a couple playoff games with everything the same but then you add in a clear upgrade at quarterback.’

“It’s there that Pittsburgh becomes fascinating,”

It’s still possible for Cousins to re-sign with the Minnesota Vikings, but this summer he will be the best quarterback available in the NFL.

Cousins is 76-67-2 as a starter in the NFL and will turn 36 in August. Before sustaining a torn Achilles tendon on October 29, 2023, he guided the Vikings to a 4–4 record.

Cousins is also 1-3 in his postseason career. The Steelers will be aiming to end a 5-game playoff losing streak in 2024.

Clearly, Cousins is a better option than Kenny Pickett. That cannot be disputed.

Spielberger also believed that the Steelers would be a good place for Cousins to land because he didn’t think Pickett would work well in Smith’s offense.

Spielberger remarked, “Arthur Smith can change, I’m not saying he can’t.” “However, his past actions, along with those of Kenny Pickett and this offense, are not identical in any manner, shape, or form.”

Spielberger gave plays-action passes and outside zone runs as examples. The PFF expert claims that the Steelers finished last season in the lower third in both of those categories with Pickett. However, in both of those rankings for 2023, Smith’s offense with the Atlanta Falcons was ranked in the top 2.

In Atlanta, Smith also employed a lot of one-running-back, two-tight end groupings. With Pickett, the Steelers haven’t used that configuration too frequently.

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