June 23, 2024

In an unexpected development, Ron Rivera, the former Washington Commanders head coach, is now being entertained as a Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator. The NFL has taken notice of this move because Rivera’s previous defensive play with Washington was far from stellar.

Report: Rams interview Ron Rivera for DC position | Yardbarker

Rivera is being considered by the Cowboys in light of the departure of Dan Quinn and the arrival of Kliff Kingsbury. The Cowboys’ defense significantly improved under Quinn’s leadership, particularly in the early going of the season. Nevertheless, the Green Bay Packers ended their postseason run.

Throughout the 2021 campaign, Rivera’s defense significantly declined. Is he still capable of leading a formidable defense?

The interesting thing about this situation is that Rivera is now vying to be the NFL’s defensive coordinator while Bill Belichick, who is thought to be the best defensive coordinator, is having trouble landing a head coaching post. Despite having one of the top 10 defensive units statistically, Belichick is still passed over for head coaching jobs.

Rivera’s defensive performance in the last few games is worrisome. But it’s important to keep in mind that Washington ranked among the league’s top five defenses in terms of both scoring and total defense in 2020, during their playoff run. This demonstrates that, given the right conditions, Rivera is capable of leading a potent defensive team.

Given Rivera’s recent results as a head coach, some contend that he may lack the skills necessary to be a successful defensive coordinator. They use the fact that Bill Belichick is routinely successful defensively as proof that Rivera might not be the ideal choice for the Cowboys.

NFL observers and fans are still at odds over Rivera’s possible appointment as Dallas’ defensive coordinator. Some see Rivera as a chance to rejuvenate his career and improve the Cowboys defense, while others are skeptical of his recent defensive output and whether he actually has what it takes to fill the position.

It remains to be seen if Ron Rivera will be wearing the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator hat come football season, but one thing is for sure: a contentious debate on his qualifications has been triggered by his possible employment in the ever-changing NFL coaching scene.

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