June 13, 2024

The New Orleans Saints have plenty of potential to add playmakers on both sides of the ball to assist support their new and maintained strategies, especially with the arrival of a new offensive coordinator.

The New Orleans Saints may make some major adjustments to their offensive draft plan now that a new offensive coordinator is anticipated. The Saints are expected to hire Klint Kubiak, an offensive passing game specialist for the San Francisco 49ers, in the days that follow Super Bowl 58 this year. At that point, the offense’s long-term plan will begin to come together.

There have already been some advancements made in that direction. Doug Marrone, the offensive line coach for the Saints, was let go last week. This is a sensible decision because Kubiak is anticipated to deploy a wide zone offence a la Kyle Shanahan. One that might not have matched Marrone’s strategy well enough. With running backs and wide receivers available for position coaching staff jobs, more such moves will be forthcoming.

No other team connects with its city like the New Orleans Saints – The  Denver PostNo other team connects with its city like the New Orleans Saints – The  Denver PostNo other team connects with its city like the New Orleans Saints – The  Denver Post

However, this year’s draft contains maybe the most intriguing group of players that may be recruited to support Kubiak and the Saints’ new strategy. The team’s needs will be greatly impacted by free agency, although there is a good probability that more players will be selected who match the system. In light of this, our Mock Draft Monday delves deep to uncover those prospects while supporting the defence with an edge rusher plan that double dips and challenges prototypes.

Tuner, who is listed at 6-foot-4 and 242 pounds, is not the average Saints edge rusher. But he’s also not too far away. However, his style makes him much more unique. Why then do you choose this option? Because New Orleans needs to utilise the worth of an athletic, quick pass rusher badly.

The squad may use a reliable and outstanding presence of the same calibre, as demonstrated by the recent triumphs of linebackers Kaden Elliss and Zack Baun rushing off the edge. That’s Turner. The product of Tuscaloosa, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has three seasons of experience and has amassed 22.5 sacks and 32.5 tackles for a loss. He is a dangerous player. In this year’s draft, the Saints would undoubtedly gain by adding one.

But do not worry, they will not have to run opposite their prototype all seven rounds.

After this season’s Super Bowl, Kubiak is expected to join the Saints, therefore one question has been the most prevalent. “Who will have the role of wide receiver Deebo Samuel in the Saints’ revamped offence?” Corley might be the acquisition that the Saints need both now and down the road, even though they might rely on players like offensive weapon Taysom Hill out of the backfield and try to maximise the yards of catch threat offered by wideout and All-Pro returner Rashid Shaheed.

It remains to be seen if the Saints will modify the 49ers’ offensive scheme to the point where a guy akin to Samuel is even required. However, it appears as though your franchise will target a member of the Shanahan family. At the Senior Bowl this year, Corley, who stands 5-foot-10 and weighs 215 pounds, shares Samuel’s stocky physique. He also possesses the strength, deception, and athleticism required for the part.

Following his trip in Mobile, Corley’s stock is rising. He might find that this is a little too early. Despite the criticism, it was worth it to take him and his skill set early because New Orleans did not have any third or fourth round picks.

Kubiak should be accompanied by more investment in the zone run strategy. This implies that from the starting lineup all the way down the depth chart, the Saints must ensure that their offensive linemen are mobile and athletic. Foster might be either even though he was selected in the fifth round.

It makes sense to substantially invest in starting competition and depth given the persistent questions surrounding the Saints’ offensive line, a group that is currently scheduled to have a new position coach in 2024. By the end of 2023, Foster and Pro Football Focus shared the highest zone run blocking grade. He and Oregon State’s Taliese Fuaga, an anticipated first-round offensive lineman, both had a 91.3.

If Kubiak brings the projected zone run predilection from a season with Shanahan, Foster as a starter or backup would be a perfect fit.

A large-framed red zone threat is essential to any offence. Johnson can assist illuminate a scoreboard in this situation. Even so, his 6-foot-6 height and 257 pounds do not diminish his athleticism. His versatility combined with that of one of the league’s top tight end coaches, Clancy Barone, and an already diversified group of tight ends might result in a lot of promise.


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