June 24, 2024

Dallas Cowboys reveal 53-man roster after transaction-filled dayLAS VEGAS: It is questionable if the Dallas Cowboys should trade away one of their tight ends because it would give “America’s Team” more playing room. However, some national pundits continue to make the argument that Luke Schoonmaker, a rookie, is “expendable” in a deal due to Jake Ferguson’s development. According to this Bleacher Report scenario, the Miami Dolphins, with their potent offense, have the potential to make a move to Dallas. Associated content Thus, it is composed of…

“That might result in the Dolphins trying to acquire Luke Schoonmaker through trade with the Cowboys.” Hold on. How come? There’s still more.The Dolphins have a glaring need and Schoonmaker is disposable, so the teams might work out a deal this offseason. We understand that this is merely conjecture, and we accept that. However, we are having trouble understanding the spitball’s reasoning. Related: The Girlfriend of Cowboys Discloses Her “Mental Breakdown” Due to Criticism Schoon was a second-round selection, why would Dallas want to forfeit such a premium draft pick thus early on? Nope, even though some called the player a “bust” before they were ready.

Would Dallas want to give up the advantage of having guys who contribute on rookie contracts, which allows them to break the cap? Nope. Is Schoonmaker really so “expendable” for Dallas? Does the team truly have that much depth? Nope. A team will always consider offers for anything and from everyone at a certain “price point.” However, B/R’s concept here loses Dallas a highly regarded prospect while earning Dallas Wait, what? To the best of our knowledge, B/R omits to mention what the Cowboys stand to gain from the transaction.


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