June 23, 2024

The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing a challenging situation. They have a third-string quarterback who got them to the playoffs who is slated to be a free agency, and a quarterback they selected in the first round two years ago who hasn’t played well.

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Pittsburgh is expected to make a move at quarterback due to their poor quarterback play, and head coach Mike Tomlin stated that they would be seeking to bring in outside competition.

However, what about making a quarterback trade? Since Justin Fields is probably going to leave the Chicago Bears, many supporters have been pleading with the Steelers to finally bring the exciting dual-threat to Steel City.

Owner Art Rooney II acknowledged that the Steelers might make a deal this summer to acquire a quarterback.

“We’re not closing the door on anything as we sit here in the first week of February,” Rooney declared. “We’ll examine all of the options and conduct a number of evaluations before taking the necessary actions to improve for the upcoming season.”

At his weekly press conference, Rooney expressed his frustration with the Steelers’ lack of postseason success while also pointing out that the quarterback position needs improvement.

In a stacked AFC, it’s evident the Steelers need to get better under center. It’s just a matter of how much are they willing to spend, and what would they be willing to give up in order to do so.

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