June 13, 2024

The Ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Team Roster - Sports IllustratedOver the past few days, Art Rooney II, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has expressed his opinions on the quarterback position in great detail.

Rooney stated that the Steelers “aren’t closing the door” when it comes to making a quarterback trade in an interview with Bob Pompeani yesterday

The Steelers are open to trading for a quarterback.
It seems like Rooney is retracting his claim after speaking with Andrew Stockey, stating that it is doubtful the Steelers will make a deal for a quarterback.

Rooney stated, “I don’t want to start a lot of rumors that we’re going to make some huge trade at the quarterback position.” “It fits into the unlikely category,” I said.

In the event that the Steelers decide not to pursue a quarterback through trade, Ryan Tannehill or someone like is likely to be a target. In Tennessee, he collaborated with Arthur Smith, the new offensive coordinator, when Smith was the Titans’ offensive coordinator. The Steelers don’t seem to be planning a blockbuster quarterback acquisition.

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The Steelers “aren’t closing the door” to acquiring a quarterback.
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