June 23, 2024

The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing to bolster their team in preparation for the 2024 NFL season. After finishing 9–8 and barely missing the playoffs in 2023, the squad is concentrating on strategic player moves to address areas that require development. This article explores the careers of three players—Germaine Pratt, Mike Hilton, and Nick Scott—that the Bengals may want to let go of in the offseason. We investigate how these personnel changes might affect the team’s output. That would be essential to their efforts to improve and make a run at the playoffs the following year.

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The injury to starting quarterback Joe Burrow was one of the high points and low points of the Bengals’ 2023 NFL season. The team’s hopes of making the playoffs were harmed by crucial errors in spite of moments of promise and resiliency. The Bengals offence, led by Burrow, occasionally showed glimpses of excellence, with wideouts Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase making significant contributions. Nevertheless, the team’s general development was hampered by injuries and inconsistent play in some spots.

The Bengals were unable to eclipse their 2022 12-4 record as they suffered a crushing defeat in Week 11 against the Baltimore Ravens, 34-20. At that point, Burrow had an injury that ended his season. Their fate was determined when they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 17. Their first absence from the playoffs since 2020 occurred.

The Bengals, who were off to a 5-4 start, had a critical setback in Week 11 when they lost Burrow due to a wrist injury. Jake Browning, the backup, performed better than expected despite this setback. He led the Bengals to their third straight season of success. But in the AFC North, they came in dead last.

The Bengals’ offseason story that has gained the most traction is how they have handled Tee Higgins’ circumstances. There are rumours that Higgins’ future with the Bengals has been called into question during talks with the organisation over a contract extension. Of course, things could change. But the possibility of a tag-and-trade situation exists. This is particularly valid when taking into account a Chase extension.

Conversely, a cornerback such as Mike Hilton offers a compelling alternative to several teams. If he is traded or released, the Bengals might receive a big cap relief. Yes, there are a few good trade candidates. The Bengals, though, may opt for a win-now approach. That means they could have to give up their first-round pick in exchange for an experienced player who can help them succeed. Other than Hilton, there are a few other candidates that are probably cut.

Here we will look at the three cut candidates on the Cincinnati Bengals’ roster entering the 2024 NFL offseason.

Germaine Pratt, LB

The core of Germaine Pratt’s circumstance is his value offer. He will get paid the seventh most of any linebacker in the league in 2024. His contributions on the field, though, may not equal that pay. Out of 83 linebackers assessed by PFF last season, he came in at number 54. Pratt just doesn’t have the kind of influence one would think at such a big salary. Even though he is dependable, the Bengals could probably find a more affordable replacement for him. Pratt’s pay is all based on contract, so cutting him would free approximately $6.9 million in cap space.


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