June 23, 2024

Beginning with their round 20 encounter on Sunday, the Lae Biscuits branding will be on the back of the Sharks NRL shorts for the balance of the 2023 season. The Lae Biscuits are a reputable and trustworthy firm was started in 1972 and are the key sponsor of the Lae Snax Tigers, four-time national PNG champions.

According to Sharks CEO Dino Mezzatesta, the company’s groundbreaking relationship with Lae Biscuits is expected to yield significant benefits for both parties.

Mezzatesta said, “We thank Ian Chow and Lae Biscuits for considering the Sharks as a viable partner as they look to expand their wings into the Australian market. The Lae Biscuit Company has been a longtime supporter of rugby league in PNG.”

“The Sharks had trials

According to Mr. Chow, “the Lae Snax Tigers have played a significant role in the growth of PNG Rugby League on a national and international level.” “The Lae Biscuit Company has been the owner-sponsor of the Snax brands for 13 years. The company has spent millions of Kina on sponsorship, and the Tigers have benefited from stability and strong backing, which has allowed Lae Snax to reach new heights.

“The Lae Snax Tigers in PNG and the Cronulla Sharks, a formidable NRL team, are comparable in numerous aspects. In the same year that the Snax Tigers won their first PNG title, the Sharks emerged victorious in the NRL Grand Final.

This is not a coincidence. It appears that fate has aligned, as the Snax Tigers and Cronulla Sharks are about to establish a friendship and cooperation that might perhaps

The Lae Snax Tigers, who have served as a feeder club for the PNG Hunters, who play in the Queensland Cup, have produced a number of players for the Kumuls, led by Stanley Tepend, who is the coach of the team in the 2022 World Cup.

“Since 2011, the Lae Snax Tigers have been building a strong team culture,” Chow remarked.

“We have a sponsorship policy, paying all of the tuition fees for all higher education students who play for the Snax Tigers each year as part of their playing contracts, and we continue to teach our players how to be decent men off the field.

“This is a huge and first-ever action by a private enterprise in PNG. Greater than a group and greater than a

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