June 24, 2024

In terms of pre-draft selections, the Chicago Bears are well-positioned this year. They have first choice to select Caleb Williams, the best quarterback prospect from USC, in the NFL draft because they are ranked first overall. In addition, they might get a wealth of talent if they were to give up their first pick.

Justin Fields Chicago Bears jersey sales top Illinois charts – NBC Sports  Chicago

Conversely, despite the Bears’ embarrassing wealth predicament, they still had starting quarterback Justin Fields, who last season displayed significant growth and started to emerge as the field leader the front staff had long anticipated. They can trade Fields to a QB-hungry team for a respectable return if they select Williams.

It is said that Chicago has already received multiple suitors enquiring not only about Fields’ asking price but also about the asking price for the number one pick, given the seeming win-win situation.

The Atlanta Falcons are the lone team that is supposedly considering both trade alternatives.

Atlanta is a pretty good offensive squad overall, but they have been struggling at quarterback. For them to be a genuine postseason player, they are in dire need of a good quarterback.

Want Justin Fields, Falcons?
The Falcons choose to add the gifted Fields to the squad and start him right away in a recent trade proposal that was initially made public by FanNation Falcon Report.

“For Fields, the Falcons would trade the Bears a second-round pick this year and a 2025 second-round pick with incentives that could become a first-round pick ‘based on production and playing time.'”

Future quarterback Desmond Ridder, who was rated in the 80s, was benched several times in favor of Taylor Heinicke, who completed less than 60% of his passes. This March, Spotrac says, “it’s a bleak outlook for an otherwise fairly talented roster, begging for an expensive quick fix.”

Desmond Ridder is still a work-in-progress - The Falcoholic

There would be plenty of flexibility for the Bears in either scenario, but if it were up to me, I would take Caleb Williams at number one and trade Justin Fields to Atlanta in order to obtain the eighth overall pick, which would give you access to 1, 8, and [the Bears’ own] 9. You could also be able to recoup a second round pick by trading down with one of those two picks, either 8 or 9.

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