June 15, 2024

Talk of the Pittsburgh Penguins trading star winger Jake Guentzel is hot and heavy.

It makes some sense to use Edmonton as a commerce hub. The Oilers’ top goal, according to insiders, is to sign a Top 6 winger. Without a doubt, Guentzel is a Top 6 winger. He’s a really good winger, in fact.
An online bookmaker in Pennsylvania, the Edmonton Oilers are the team most likely to sign Guentzel.

Is Jake Guentzel the right guy to replace Patric Hornqvist on the Penguins'  power play?

This same gambling site says the most likely outcome by far is that Guentzel remain on the Penguins, but lists Edmonton as a slight favourite to acquire the player if he’s to be traded, ahead of Colorado and Vegas.

1. With 50 points in 47 games this season, Guentzel is a well-known figure in hockey. He was a brilliant attacking winger in his time. This summer, the 29-year-old will be free to sign with anybody he wants. In addition, his current deal includes a 12-team no-trade list. That list may very well include Edmonton. If that’s the case, Guentzel would have to consent to coming here. You never know, maybe the prospect of a Stanley Cup run will be enough to tempt them to do so.
2. Guentzel is a Penguin by trade. Given that the city’s prospects of winning the Stanley Cup are still alive in the latter years of the Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang era, it is difficult to believe the organization won’t find a way to resign the player. At the trade deadline, is the franchise that bought 33-year-old Erik Karlsson this past summer suddenly looking to sell? Well.
Guentzel could, of course, consent to being traded to Edmonton, embark on that journey, and then sign with Pittsburgh once more in the summer. It’s difficult to believe the Oilers could ever find the cap room necessary to sign him. It’s difficult to imagine, but not impossible.
Matt Vensel of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes: “Dubas hasn’t revealed anything about the star winger despite his recent suggestion that he could speak with Guentzel’s agent during the All-Star break. But, Guentzel would probably be the greatest and most sought-after player on the market if he decides to put him up for sale in the upcoming weeks.With his ability to score, his ability to make stealthy plays, and his reputation in big games, he might bring in a first-round pick and possibly a premium prospect for the Penguins. or perhaps a few talented NHL players who are still under contract.
5. I see Edmonton going all in and sending in a first-round selection along with a top prospect for Guentzel, but I don’t think they would do it if Philip Broberg was the top prospect. GM Ken Holland would never be able to afford a rental at that price. However, is there another prospect in the Oilers system? maybe a few of those? Sure, I could picture that taking place.


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