June 13, 2024

Should our present bad form continue, West Ham United is apparently considering to replace David Moyes with one of two managers.

West Ham lurch back towards crisis with Brighton debacle as David Moyes  excuses grow tired | Evening Standard
Since taking over West Ham for a second time in December 2019, David Moyes has done a fantastic job, so should the Hammers board seriously contemplate replacing him?
Only a few days ago, Hammers News was informed that Moyes would receive a new contract; but, regardless of the outcome, is that guaranteed?

Despite our present position in the Premier League’s top seven and our safe passage to the Europa League’s round of 16, the 60-year-old Scot has faced harsh criticism from some elements of the Hammers fan base this season.

Some people will advise you to be careful what you wish for, while others will argue that if we want to regularly place in the top six and experience more success, the London Stadium needs a new manager.

So if Moyes isn’t handed a new contract, who will the club look to replace him with?

West Ham is considering two managers to take David Moyes’ place.
Journalist Dean Jones of Sports Lens claims that West Ham is willing to extend Moyes’ contract until the summer of 2026.

Nonetheless, the Hammers board will not make the Scot any kind of deal if the team’s current poor performance streak and fan unrest persist.

Rather, they will consider hiring Michael Carrick or Paulo Fonseca as manager.

The two managers, who are 42 and 50 years old, respectively, are highly known for inspiring their teams to play exciting football.

A lot of West Ham supporters are clamoring for Fonseca and Carrick to play possession-based football because it is visually appealing.

During his tenure as the Hammers’ manager, Moyes has oversaw a unique moment that has seen us win three straight European campaigns and our first major trophy since 1980!

All agree, nevertheless, that the Scot has reached his limit and can no longer lead us as a team ahead. Furthermore, the football he plays is completely unprofessional and has no place in the current game.

And I would be happy to have either Fonseca or Carrick take over as manager if West Ham does decide to replace David Moyes.

Positive change, though, takes time to manifest. Along the road, there will definitely be a lot of teething issues.

The thing is, the fans need to be patient with whichever new manager eventually replaces Moyes. Building a successful team with your own style and vision can be a long and painful process at times.

Hopefully those shouting for Moyes to be sacked have the stomach for some difficult times before the light shines through in the end.

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