June 13, 2024

It may be a slight exaggeration to say that David Moyes is once again under pressure at West Ham United, but it could be heading that way.

From the outside, many may consider that Moyes has done a fine job in East London.

Sunderland boss David Moyes charged by FA over 'threatening' comments to  reporter Vicki Sparks - Eurosport

In addition to doing well in the Europa League and having just won a European trophy, West Ham is now sixth in the Premier League.

But Moyes’ position never appears to be guaranteed.

A short while ago, there were rumors that the team was prepared to extend Moyes’ contract, which would remove any doubt.

But a recent SportLens article claims that West Ham is suddenly become more reticent.

In fact, following some recent setbacks, they are postponing contract negotiations in order to see if results improve.

And to that description Moyes probably won’t be too ectatic to see Arsenal arrive at West Ham on Sunday if pressure is mounting.

That being said, the Scot has been here before, he knows how to react in such a situation.

Michael Carrick is being considered by West Ham, and David Moyes is under pressure.
The aforementioned story states that The Hammers have now looked into two names as possible Moyes replacements.

Although there haven’t been any discussions yet, Middlesborough’s Michael Carrick and Lille’s Paulo Fonseca are also under consideration.

Carrick is a more recent addition to the European scene than Fonseca, who has long been a respected name.

Not too long ago, Micah Richards of the “Rest is Football” podcast praised the 42-year-old as “something special.”

Carrick might be a wise choice for any Premier League team, despite the fact that some West Ham supporters would be loath to see Moyes go.

Overall though, it does seem extremely cruel that Moyes’ position is currently being scrutinized.

In any case, the conversation feels unjust, even though the report makes clear that the pressure is related to the offer of a new contract rather than the possibility of being fired.

This season, Moyes has managed a significant team transformation while continuing to be successful.

Tim Steidten has been jubilant about how well one of the team’s recent acquisitions has adapted.

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