June 13, 2024

Boulder, Colorado (KKTV) – In three days, the biggest football game of the year will take place. Despite the Broncos’ exclusion from the Super Bowl, Coloradoans are still anticipated to place large wagers on Sunday.

A record-breaking approximately 68 million Americans are anticipated to wager on Super Bowl LVIII, up 35% from 2023, according to the American Gambling Association. Of those who plan to wager, 47% will bet on the Kansas City Chiefs and 44% will wager on the San Francisco 49ers.

Everything you need to know about the Broncos entering the 2022 NFL season

In Colorado, sports betting becomes legal in May 2020. According to a three-year Department of Revenue survey, professional football is the second most popular sport among the top 10 sports overall in terms of wagering, trailing only professional basketball.

“The Division of Gaming anticipates, based on previous years, that the Super Bowl will still be one of the busiest betting days of the year, while all of us Broncos fans at the Department of Revenue will be very sad not to see our hometown team in the Super Bowl this year,” said Shannon Gray, the supervisor of communications.

% of bets by sport in December 2023 (Kasia Kerridge | Colorado Department of Revenue)
“We statutorily prohibit bets on the coin flip, for example, because Colorado statute does not allow for bets that are completely based on chance,” stated Gray.

The two states where both teams are from, California and Missouri, do not currently allow legal sports betting, according to the American Gaming Association. Nonetheless, Missouri is now enacting laws.


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