June 24, 2024

List of Norwich City F.C. managers - WikipediaRobert Earnshaw, a former striker for Norwich City, speaks out on Adam Idah’s temporary transfer to Celtic, On the last day of the January transfer window, the Norwich academy graduate signed a contract with Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers wanted a buyout clause included in the contract, but the move did not include one, according to the Daily Record. In order to get the Irish forward, who recorded an assist in his debut game against Aberdeen, Celtic had to make concessions on the contract.

The young forward occasionally demonstrated his full potential throughout his many seasons with Norwich, but not often enough, and Rogers hopes to be the manager who can help him reach that promise.

Earnshaw believes that we may witness Idah at his best in Glasgow’s green area.

According to Pink Un, the former canary, who scored 27 goals in 47 games for the team and was previously linked to a move to Celtic Park, thinks Idah looks good. He also said that if anywhere is going to bring out the best in the 22-year-old, Celtic is probably where his career will get its start.

“I like him,” he said to LiveScore. I think he’s a good player. He seems like a wonderful man to me. He exhibits several really admirable traits.

“I believe that occasionally attending Celtic can merely make you realize that this is a fantastic platform, which boosts your confidence to new heights. Perhaps he is in need of something similar. It is, in my opinion, an amazing move.

“Many years ago, I was very close to attending Celtic. Though it never materialized, they expressed interest. However, I believe his transfer to Celtic is a major one. You’re discussing one of the most well-known clubs in the world, after all. I know how much my friend Joe Ledley enjoyed it there because he was there for many years. But for him, it’s a good football team.

Sutton continued, saying he thought Idah lacked self-assurance and that he had plenty of time and opportunity to show the Canaries how valuable he was, but he hadn’t really taken the risks. “Both parties will likely feel dissatisfied with how it has gone, but there does come a time when he’s had enough opportunities, and he’s not made it happen for himself,” said the pundit from the BBC.

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