June 16, 2024

Embattled Falcons coach Arthur Smith has three games to show team owner he should keep his job – WABEFollowing Kenny Pickett’s underwhelming NFL debut, some have already called for the Pittsburgh Steelers to cut their ties with him.

One of the team’s greatest weaknesses for the 2024 campaign is thought to be the quarterback position, But one of his colleagues who has the greatest sway in the locker room believes it’s too soon to pass judgment on Pickett.

In an interview with Ferrall Coast to Coast on Sirius XM, Cameron Heyward claimed that quarterbacks are subjected to an excessive amount of scrutiny.

Heyward remarked, “A quarterback faces insane levels of scrutiny already.” “People who have never played quarterback say this about the position. And once they take the field, if they’re not Pat Mahomes, they exhibit uneven play.

He also expressed the opinion that Pickett had what it takes to be “a heck of a quarterback” in the NFL. Heyward remarked, “I think Kenny can be a heck of a quarterback in this league.” “I think it is [crazy] for people to write him off right now.”
Heyward expressed his belief that Kenny might excel as a quarterback in this league. “I think it’s [crazy] that people are writing him off at this point.”
Some quarterbacks who didn’t immediately succeed have recently shown promise, which could prolong Pickett’s career.

The Argument in Support of Late Bloomers
Because of the position’s significance, NFL organizations frequently lack patience with the quarterbacks they select in the draft.

Those taken anywhere in the first round will see the field before the conclusion of their rookie season, but players at the position who are drafted in the top 5 are expected to assume a starting role right away.

They have limited time to demonstrate that they were the proper choice after that.

A player may be forced to sit out the remainder of their career after just two poor seasons.

It might just take one in certain situations, like Josh Rosen’s.

While it should be imperative that every club in the league improves at quarterback, recent experiences have shown that giving up on QBs too soon could result in The most prominent example is Geno Smith. Smith was benched after playing poorly for two years as the starting quarterback for poor Jets teams. He had to wait seven years for another opportunity. He led the Seahawks to the playoffs in 2022, and now they are paying him $25 million annually.

The Browns selected Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick in 2018. He assisted in ending the team’s 18-year postseason drought in his third season in the league. After the Panthers completed a significant transaction for Deshaun Watson, he gave him away to them two years later.

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