June 16, 2024

Lucas Paqueta of West Ham United has been the Premier League’s best midfield player thus far this year.

Since Lucas Paqueta has been playing so well for West Ham, we have truly missed him during his injury-plagued absence over the last month or so.

The Brazilian is anticipated to play again soon, and David Moyes, the manager of the Hammers, will be itching for him to get back.

Lucas Paquetá: I will give everything to perform well | West Ham United F.C.

In 27 games this season for West Ham, the impactful 26-year-old has five goals and six assists (Transfermarkt).

His overall influence on our performances has been amazing to see, and the extent to which we depend on him is actually rather worrisome.

Now a stat has emerged proving just how influential Paqueta is inside the final third…

Lucas Paqueta head and shoulders above all Premier League midfielders

When it comes to his pass selection, the former Lyon player possesses extraordinary bravery. He almost always attempts to advance the ball and create offensive opportunities for us.

According to those stats, Paqueta is far and away the best midfield player in the Premier League when it comes to moving the ball forward and creating significant opportunities for his teammates.

I will just add a disclaimer by pointing out that Kevin De Bruyne hasn’t played much this season.

Considering that he has only participated in three Premier League games this year, I fully anticipate that he would be at the top of this graph for both stats if he had been healthy the entire time.

There’s no denying that without the South American, West Ham is just not the same team.

We’ve missed Lucas Paqueta a lot, which is understandable given that he’s been the Premier League’s most impressive midfield player this season.

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