June 13, 2024
Mike Dunleavy Jr. knows that the Warriors haven’t played well.
The Golden State Warriors’ general manager, Mike Dunleavy Jr., expressed a very realistic expectation about the team’s chances of winning the championship during a Zoom call with reporters on Thursday. “Well, we don’t have a championship record at this point,” Dunleavy said. “So that’s the challenge: To get ourselves into the mix and get ourselves into the Play-In is the most important thing. We have championship experience. We have guys that have been there and can do it. I think we’re capable. Unfortunately, we just haven’t played to that level.NBA: Bob Myers, 48, steps down as Warriors president and GM after winning  four titles | Daily Mail Online
Though Dunleavy Jr. believes improved defense will help Golden State, it’s a sobering realization that the Warriors aren’t even really looking at a solid playoff spot anymore this season—rather, they’re just looking for a Play-in spot, and even then, they’re still on the outside looking for a Play-in tournament spot.
“To be honest, our biggest defensive concern is our ability to stop the ball and protect the basket. We looked at things that would help with that, but I think if everyone plays to their maximum ability, I think we’re there with any team in the league. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to win those games in a lot of cases.” The Golden State Warriors have realized that it’s now or never. Even M”But we need to get things rolling since the train is leaving the station right now. Everyone, in my opinion, has a sense of urgency.”
ike Dunleavy Jr. and the team agree.

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