June 24, 2024

The Edmonton Oilers’ top trade target now appears to be Pittsburgh Penguins player Jake Guentzel, according to Pierre LeBrun in the most recent Insider Trading program on TSN. The NHL insider said Guentzel is still their first option even though there are questions about his availability. In the meanwhile, Elliotte Friedman stated on the 32 Thoughts podcast that, in his view, the Oilers would prefer to sign Guentzel if he is available, referring to him as “their guy” after evaluating their needs in the trade

Jake Guentzel Contract Talks with Penguins: Potential Trade Rumors & Updates.

This raises the question of how long Edmonton will have to wait if Ken Holland wants Guentzel and the Penguins haven’t decided whether to sell him yet. What action do they take about other names they’ve been pursuing in the trade market?

While previous line changes have shown encouraging results, Edmonton is aggressively looking for a top-six winger for their second line. Guentzel is regarded as a major upgrade over whatever lineup the Oilers can put together with their current group. This season, he has put up an amazing 22 goals and 51 points in 49 games. He is a top-tier talent that might improve the Oilers’ offensive powers and give them a strong top-six in the NHL.

Oilers Have Been Linked to Numerous Players in Trade Talk

Even though Sean Walker, Scott Laughton, Chris Tanev, Jordan Eberle, and Vladimir Tarasenko are among the other trade options being considered, rumors have it that none of them have the same allure as Guentzel. The Oilers give him priority over other options, particularly if other teams make trade demands involving a first-round selection that Ken Holland plans to hold onto for possible talks with the Penguins.

Oilers Likely to Wait on Guentzel’s Availability

It’s crucial to remember that Guentzel is not currently technically available according to the Penguins. Though the ask is rather high, there is still talk that they are attempting to re-sign him. Concerns exist regarding that franchise’s future as well. The general manager Kyle Dubas isn’t actively shopping the winger just yet, but the perception is that the Penguins aren’t scared to move him given the rewards for other players.

The Oilers will therefore need to wait. All other trade discussions will need to be put on hold for the time being and moved into the Plan B category if he is their guy.

The fact that Guentzel would be an absolute rental for the Oilers is a noteworthy feature of the possible transaction. With forthcoming commitments to key players like Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, and Evan Bouchard, among others, any long-term agreement with a high speculated asking price of up to $10 million per season is financially unfeasible for Edmonton as an unrestricted free agent. The Oilers’ determination to go all in for a quick playoff run is demonstrated by this transaction, as they saw Guentzel as an ideal match.

Is Guentzel the Right Fit For the Oilers? And, How Long Should They Wait?

Friedman says the Oilers are more in need of a game-changing player like Guentzel after their 16-game winning streak was snapped in their most recent loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. Everyone in the organization was miffed by the loss, which also highlighted the necessity of a more depth roster. According to Friedman, the Oilers might become a strong four-line team in a seven-game series if they acquire Guentzel.

The problem, though, is determining when Guentzel could be available. The problem the Oilers have is whether to wait for him or risk losing out on potential trade partners. Holland has been looking at a number of names, but the Oilers need to carefully consider their alternatives in order to find the appropriate mix between being patient and grabbing important trade opportunities before they pass away. There is no telling when Guentzel might become available.

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