June 23, 2024

The numerous pundits in attendance at Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas on Sunday said a lot, but most of it was uninteresting to supporters outside of San Francisco and Kansas City. However, this was not the case on NFL Network, as team insiders discussed the early offseason before it officially started. Without a question, one of the clubs to keep an eye on is the Raiders, particularly with wide receiver Davante Adams, one of the most talked-about players in the rumor mill.

Aaron Rodgers says he has 'important responsibility' to speak out against  COVID, vaccines | Fox News

Over the past few months, there has been a presumption that Adams, who is 31 years old, will demand to leave Las Vegas and seek a trade to the Jets in order to rejoin his former quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. There has been a lot of conjecture that the Raiders would be receptive to it.

The fact that, according to what I hear, Aaron Rodgers has been trying to recruit Davante Adams to the Jets—recall, the Jets kind of made a run at him this past year—is because the Raiders are in win-now mode and aren’t really in the business of giving away players. Anticipated to retry during the off-season.

“From what I’ve been told, the Raiders have no intention of trading Davante Adams; they just want to win and think they can.”

Maintaining Davante Adams Brings the Raiders Near to Winning
Raiders Nation will probably respond to it more favorably than unfavorably because, for starters’ sake, Adams is one of the NFL’s top receivers even after a disorganized year in which he started games with three different quarterbacks, including a fourth-round rookie.

Despite the situation, Adams managed to record 103 receptions, 1,144 yards, and eight touchdowns—an outstanding performance.

If Adams stays, the team will likely continue to rely on a defense that has greatly improved this season and has the potential to develop still more with some aid from free agents and internal improvements.

Josh Jacobs and Adams will likely be the focal points of the offense, provided he decides to stay in free agency. There, the primary emphasis could be on strengthening the offensive line.

Quarterback Pick Hangs Over Everything
However, the Raiders’ quarterback situation will be crucial to the outcome of their season in 2019. This could indicate that Aidan O’Connell is given the reins once more by the organization or that the Raiders sign a free agent to provide cover.

Antonio Pierce has a final chance to make the case he should be the  Raiders' coach | AP News

In any case, it’s very much a goal to move up to pick one of the Top 3 quarterbacks in this draft, particularly Jayden Daniels of LSU, who was once Antonio Pierce’s Arizona State recruit. That information came from NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

“New head coach Antonio Pierce wants to be aggressive in going and getting a franchise quarterback, and owner Mark Davis grilled general manager candidates in that search about how potentially you could move up from No. 13 to get one,” Pelissero reported. “I spoke to Davis at Super Bowl opening night and he told me, ‘Quarterback probably is the most important position on the field, so you’ve got to ask, what is their vision. It’s an important question.’”

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