June 24, 2024

In a thrilling Saturday night game, the Golden State Warriors triumphed 113–112, their fourth straight win—their longest run since they won five straight in the middle of December.

Since then, a lot has transpired, including the initial indefinite ban of Warriors forward Draymond Green, which resulted in his missing 12 games overall and a long list of negative ramifications for a Golden State team that was already having difficulties.

To start with, the Warriors’ defensive rating increased to 122.3 in the 24 games that Green missed, primarily as a result of his suspension. That score would be among the lowest in the whole NBA, behind the Charlotte Hornets.

Golden State’s defensive rating in the 11 games since Green’s return is 111.4, which is the third-best in the league during that time, highlighting the importance of Green to the Warriors’ defensive setup.

Draymond Green’s return has seen a stark turnaround for the Golden State Warriors, with the team third in net rating across the last 11 games

In addition to providing another powerful, physical presence on the inside, Green’s adaptability enables the Dubs to use the former DPOY in a variety of defensive configurations.

Many were curious about the Warriors’ defensive performance against the very skilled Phoenix Suns, who came into the game on Saturday night having won five of their previous six games.

But Golden State held Phoenix four points below their season average of 117.4 points per game, forcing 14 turnovers and making life very difficult for the Suns’ top three. This swiftly dispelled any worries about the Warriors’ ability to withstand opposition at full strength.

what he’s learned about the team since he’s returned from suspension, Green responded like only he could.


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